KIFA hosts Taiwan Sport Tournament

KIFA is currently hosting a national football competition in Tarawa, named the Taiwan Sport Tournament due to the kind support of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The tournament brings together over 60 teams from across Kiribati’s many islands and atolls. The event has been tightly contested and drawn large crowds. The winner will be crowned on Wednesday at the National Reuben K Uatioa (RKU) Stadium in┬áBairiki.

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KIFA is currently hosting an official visit from the Confederation of Independent Football Associations. KIFA joined CONIFA in May 2016. CONIFA’s visit marks the start of what will be a fruitful partnership between the Swedish-based organisation and KIFA.

During the visit, CONIFA’s delegate will meet with senior Kiribati politicians to discuss the development of football in the country. Updates from CONIFA’s visit to Kiribati can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.